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AIM Church is a Non-Denominational body of believers. We focus on the Truth of God’s Word, teaching believers how to apply the Word of God to their lives, and walk being led by His Spirit. We encourage believers to demonstrate God to the World by living and walking in the Fruit of His Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Knowing that as we seek God and obey His Word, we open ourselves up to receive and know His plan for our lives.

Words of Life

November 2019 Words of Life (Week 3)

Nov 13, 2019 | No Comments

The testimony above shows how God led Chad and Hannah to their next home. Chad walks through how we are to be led by God with visions, dreams, the written word, and the spoken word. Then he details how God led him in these ways to confirm that the house they had seen was the […]

November 2019 Words of Life (Week 2)

November 2019 Words of Life (Week 2)

Nov 7, 2019 | No Comments

Testimony of Man Set Free of Addictions by Applying the Word of God!   How I Overcame Addictions           I started using prescription drugs during high school.  At the time I thought it was fun.  It seemed like everyone else was doing the same.  My friends and I would take them when we went […]

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